Control iconic locomotives from around the world and begin your adventure. From record breaking speeds to scenic commuting with Steam, Diesel and Electric you can grow your hobby, your way.

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Experience Train Sim World 4

Take to the tracks your way. Start your adventure with Training Center, or dive straight into the action across the UK, USA and Europe. Learn to handle the speed, plan your own scenarios or get creative with liveries that you can share with the community at the heart of the hobby.


Simulate your trains, your way. Roam across a route with a train of your choice, unleash your creativity with the tools at your disposal and share your passion with a thriving Train Sim World Community.


Have ultimate control spawning locomotives and stock wherever you want in Free Roam. Set your own path, perform your own tasks and mingle amongst the AI traffic.


Pause the action, position the camera and show off your favourite locomotives and routes in a new, dedicated Photo Mode and in-game Gallery.


Personalise the experience with Livery Designer and Scenario Planner. Add a splash of paint to locomotives or plan journeys across a route. Share with Creators Club and subscribe to content that resonates with you.

Routes and Locomotives

Learn to operate Steam, Diesel and Electric trains across three core routes in the UK, USA and Europe. Take in stunning scenery, both rural and urban, and iconic locations. Tackle the challenge of mastering the controls in all weathers and relish immerse yourself in the world with the latest lighting and gameplay features.

S-Bahn Vorarlberg
East Coast Main Line
Antelope Valley Line

S-Bahn Vorarlberg

Lindau - Bludenz, Austria & Germany

Introducing Austria! A new country in Train Sim World. Take control of the busy S-Bahn in Germany before crossing the border and into the foothills of the Austrian Alps with ÖBB's 4024 Talent EMU. Serve communities settled amongst stunning scenery with one of Europe's most celebrated rail operators.

Developer Updates

Enhanced Features

Ease of Access

Begin your adventure at Training Center and learn the controls of steam, diesel and electric locomotives. Navigate the tracks with a simplified HUD, player assists, a new scoring system and locomotive tiering.

Compatible Content

Gain access to the vast Train Sim World back catalogue of over 70 different routes and locomotives - all playable within Train Sim World 4 with some unlocking extra services and playable content in the core routes.

Graphical Improvements

Admire stunning lighting, volumetric fog and advanced rain effects - perfect for dramatic shots in Photo Mode - along with updated OHLE rendering.


Experience steam, diesel and electric trains in Train Sim World 4: Deluxe Edition, featuring Flying Scotsman and Vectron! Get the ultimate Train Sim World package with Special Edition, featuring our most popular back catalogue routes or learn the three new routes alone with Standard Edition.


PC Players will soon be able to utilise the Unreal Engine 4 toolset to create anything they like: Gameplay, trains and even routes! This detailed tool is the same as that which our developers use to bring Train Sim World 4 to life.

PC Editor (Beta)

Train Sim World 4: Deluxe Edition

Celebrate the Centenary! Drive the world's most famous locomotive: Flying Scotsman along the record-breaking East Coast Main Line and haul freight through Germany with the powerful, modern Vectron, now available as separate Loco Add-ons!