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Long Island Rail Road Commuter: New York - Long Beach, Hempstead & Hicksville

LIRR Commuter offers a new way to experience America’s busiest commuter railroad. Shifting on average a quarter of a million passengers a day, with many services per hour, it is also the USA’s oldest commuter railroad, having been in continuous operation since 1834.

The Locos
The Route

The Locos

M7 and M9 EMU

M7 units were introduced to the Long Beach Branch in October 2002 and have since seen operation along other routes in the LIRR network. The modern M9 entered service in 2019 primarily to replace the M3 units from the 1980s. The trains are characterised inside by wider seats and larger PIS displays, marking an improvement for passenger comfort over their predecessors. Improved acceleration, stopping power and a capability to reach 100 mph mean a more responsive journey for the engineer.

Route Map


Run passenger timetables, play 5 unique scenarios, collect objects at stations and complete Mastery challenges to get the most out of your game.


As part of the scenario offering for the route, you will be able to play the role of the conductor in the "Double Duty" scenario, taking on the responsibility of checking passenger tickets as well as interacting with the AI engineer to fulfill other important duties.


Players who own selected compatible US route add-ons can experience additional services and AI traffic on the route. Players who own Northeast Corridor: New York – Trenton will see both Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT trains occupying the reworked Sunnyside Yard as static AI.


Complete challenges to unlock a selection of decals inspired by the seaside sights surrounding Long Island as well as New York staples like bagels and pizza!

Ready to experience a real New York commute?

Download the LIRR Commuter: New York - Long Beach, Hempstead & Hicksville route add-on for Train Sim World 4 now! Available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Playstation and Xbox.